We will stop the coronavirus together!

People are calling our healthcare workers heroes. Healthcare workers themselves disagree. It is true that conditions are extreme. Still, even in such conditions, they put all their effort towards doing what they are good at: caring for patients and looking for solutions to the coronavirus. They very much need your help in all this.
These extreme conditions demand innovative solutions. We have professionals working on this too. Researchers, technicians, chemists; they are working together around the clock on the projects that are currently most urgent.

Surgical masks and face protectors
REshape Center rapidly developed a new type of face protector. They are also designing alternatives for face masks. This will enable us to better protect our personnel against the virus so that they can continue to work. Our number one priority! You can help us to test these protective devices and increase their production.

During the crisis, engineers at the Stogger Company and Dr Hugo Touw, an IC specialist, developed an affordable respirator for corona patients.

This has enabled us to maintain the capacity at our IC so that we can continue to provide the best possible care. Not only at Radboud university medical center; the design has been shared with companies throughout the world where respirators are drastically needed. Can you help with a donation? Then we can quickly start the production for Radboud university medical center.

Of course, research into the corona virus is extremely important to help us better fight and prevent the virus. We have already initiated various studies on this topic under the supervision of Professor Mihai Netea.

Help us by donating!
Do you want to help us with these solutions by donating? We would consider that a heroic act. Thank you on behalf of all our healthcare professionals!

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31-03-2020 | 20:32